New chicago web3 coworking space/incubator

hi all. at suggestion of dale adding this topic from telegram for further discussion. posted message from telegram:

building a new web3 dedicated coworking space by central loop right off chicago river. will also be an incubator that will give grants for web3, nft, dao etc projects. in the process of planning remodel of space, building a team to market the idea, so if any of you are interested and have time to help would be great!

will be pushing to have things up by ethchicago - so we can offer as side event venue - but timeline might be a bit tight

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help needed now for those interested and have time:

  1. remodel space (lmk things youd like to have in a web3 coworking space, good reasonably priced contractor referrals who can help remodel);

  2. market/network the project to potential users of space; and people that can help come up w event ideas for the space (outside of eth chicago - which I can speak directly w eth chicago team)

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happy to offer things like free usage and other benefits to individuals that can initially help build/market space

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Sounds interesting Andrew. Would love to discuss. Want to dm me on Twitter? lukecannon727

Hey Andrew, I’ll try to catch you in the EthChi TG group as well.

I really like this idea and thanks for making it happen.

Is the space live/ready? Is the space full or do you still need help market/network it?

Is this community still active? If so, I’d love to be added to the TG group. Thnx