What would make the Chicago crypto community coordinate better?

With under a month to go until the inaugural ETHChicago, the core team has had a chance to meet with and learn from many of the folks in our community. With so much unique brilliance in one location, it seems important to find ways to connect more dots and start building a real culture and identity for this community.

I’m opening up this public discussion on defining the most-needed changes/additions to the Chicago crypto community in order grow towards its potential.


Great topic to focus on and one that I hope to help create @dobeck

  1. Outline 1 target that we consider is a success (what is the first finish line to create a culture/identity)
  2. Outline 2-3 steps that get us there
  3. Have community members perform the above steps

Here’s my attempt at the above (please let me know what you think as these are just to get the ball rolling):

  1. Target = Twice as many at ETH Chicago 2024 or Core group of 10+ that meet/build monthly
  2. Step 1 = find an IRL location to meet…Step 2 = Meet monthly for the group to help 1 member’s project…Step 3 = Have an outbound campaign to recruit new members
  3. Recruit 5 community members in Chicago to perform above

Communities and identities are slow to build and must come naturally. I think this would be a good start to see how it evolves. After a year or so we would see a natural identity (maybe Chicago stands out as the best NFT devs in the game :man_shrugging:)